Centennial contribution to international aid groups

December 2, 2005, 00:20 CET

Hydro will mark the end of its centennial year with a contribution of NOK 30 million to the international aid organizations Save the Children, Red Cross and Norwegian People's Aid.

"Our goal has been that the idea of giving something back to society should be reflected in all aspects of the centennial. We have included local communities in events around the world, and it is nice to tell our employees that on our birthday, 2 December, we have chosen to give to important humanitarian goals," says President and CEO Eivind Reiten.

Earlier this year, Hydro decided to help foster interest in the sciences by supporting the Knowledge Centre for Science and Technology in Bergen. And now the centennial year will be rounded off with contributions of NOK 10 million to each of the humanitarian organizations, which have all had a close relationship with Hydro and its employees.

"We will gladly participate in a discussion on where and how the funds will be used, but we are confident the organizations will see to it that Hydro's centennial gifts will be used where most needed," Reiten says.

The director of Save the Children in Norway, Gro Brækken, says on behalf of the three organizations that the contributions will be of great help in the development of viable societies.

"After all, that is Hydro's vision, and it is also at the foundation of much of our work," she says.