Pipelaying contract for Tyrihans

January 26, 2006, 08:45 CET

Statoil has awarded Stolt Offshore an assignment to lay two pipelines from the Tyrihans oil and gas field to the Kristin platform in the Norwegian Sea. The contract is worth over NOK 550 million.

The agreement covers one pipeline for the wellstream and one for gas injection.

The wellstream from Tyrihans will be sent to Kristin with pressure support in the form of gas injection from the Åsgard B platform. Kristin and Åsgard B, which are operated by Statoil, lie 45 kilometres from Tyrihans.

Both pipelines are to be laid in the course of five months, starting in May 2007.

Plans call for production on Tyrihans to begin in July 2009.

"We are placing the contract early to ensure that pipelaying vessels are available when we need them," says Åmund Fløgstad, head of procurement for the Tyrihans project.

The pipeline for the wellstream is to be made of special steel. The pipe will consist of an outer carbon pipe and an inner stainless steel pipe. This will be the first time that Statoil installs such a pipeline.

The laying operation will be demanding with pipeweldinig and parallel installation of cables for direct electric heating and mechanical protection.

The pipeline for gas injection is to be made of carbon steel.

Estimated recoverable reserves from Tyrihans amount to roughly 182 million barrels of oil/condensate and 34.8 billion cubic metres of rich gas.

Statoil has a 46.8 per cent share in Tyrihans. The other licensees are Total (26.51), Hydro (12), Eni (7.9) og ExxonMobil (6.75).