Vigdis contracts awarded

February 2, 2006, 00:20 CET

In connection with phase two of the Vigdis extension project, operator Statoil has awarded contracts to FMC Kongsberg, Saipem and Stolt Offshore.

FMC Kongsberg has been given the contract for design and delivery of subsea production systems, worth about NOK 175 million. The first deliveries are due in July, and everything should be in place on the field during the first quarter of 2007.

Saipem will use the Saipem 7000 heavy lift vessel to install the template and manifold. This contract is worth about NOK 30 million, and plans call for the work to be carried out in September.

Stolt Offshore will manufacture and install flexible pipelines on the field, as well as installing and connecting up umbilicals. The work is due to take place this summer and autumn, and the contract has a value of about NOK 80 million.

The partners in the Vigdis licence in the North Sea recently decided to invest over NOK 1.2 billion to improve oil and gas recovery from the area. With phase two of the Vigdis extension project, the recovery factor from the Vigdis East reservoir in the North Sea will rise from 29 to 42 per cent.