New supplier center opened in Arkhangelsk

February 21, 2006, 16:00 CET

Norway's consul general in Northwest Russia, Rune Aasheim, opened Hydro's second supplier center in Russia on Tuesday.

"Hydro's supplier development program has taken another step forward. Arkhangelsk will play an important role in developing the petroleum industry in the Russian sector of the Barents Sea. We therefore want to make a positive contribution towards this development," said Hydro's leader of Corporate Social Responsibility, Arvid Halvorsen, during the opening ceremony in Arkhangelsk.

Hydro's supplier development program in Russia was established by Halvorsen more than three years ago, after a top meeting between Russia's President Vladmir Putin and Norway's former Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik in autumn 2002.

Intershelf expands

The opening of Hydro's supplier center, Intershelf, in Arkhangelsk is an important milestone in Hydro's work to create synergies between the Norwegian and Russian energy sectors.
"Through our supplier development program, we want to assist the Russian supplier industry to become more competitive and to prepare suppliers for upcoming petroleum activities in the Barents Sea," said the project leader of Hydro's supplier program, Benedikt Henriksen.
Representatives from local and regional authorities took part in the opening ceremony, together with industry representatives from the region. A well-represented local press corps covered the event.
On Thursday, 23 February, Hydro will conduct a seminar at the supplier center in Arkhangelsk. The theme of the seminar is addressing problems that confront local Russian industry in preparing for deliveries to future offshore projects in the region. More than 60 people from different regional companies are registered or the seminar.