Ormen Lange film wins prestigious prizes

May 8, 2006, 09:00 CEST

The film about Hydro's huge Ormen Lange project - "The Traveller" - has won gold, silver and bronze awards in what is considered to be the selection of the world's best corporate films.

The awards form part of the U.S. International Film and Video Festival, a leading international competition for corporate films established in 1968. Altogether, 1,250 films from 26 countries were included in this year's competition.

The nine-minute film "The Traveller" is about the gigantic Ormen Lange project. Ian Wright – known from the TV series "Lonely Planet" – has the main role. He takes the audience on an exciting journey, that includes – among other things – Norwegian innovation, subsea robots and the world's longest subsea pipeline.

"The Traveller" was entered for the competition by the advertising agency DDB and the film production company Trøbbel Film, which were commissioned to make the film by the Ormen Lange project.

Hydro's film has won a "Gold Camera Award" in the category "Corporate Communications" and a "Silver Screen Award" in the category "Speciality Productions". In addition, the film has been awarded a "Certificate of Creative Excellence" in the category "Public Relations".

"Of course it's fantastic that the Ormen Lange film has reached the top in the world's biggest film festival for corporate films," says Vegar Stokset, Public Affairs Manager for the Ormen Lange project.

"We have had an excellent working relationship with DBB and Trøbbel Film, and the prize confirms the massive, positive response we have received wherever the film has been shown. The film manages to present one of the world's largest and most demanding gas developments in an innovative and charming way, and it creates a sense of pride over what we can achieve in "little Norway"."

The prizes will be presented during a ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday 3 June.