Top of the pops with students

May 11, 2006, 01:10 CEST

Business and engineering students at Norwegian colleges and universities have voted Statoil as the most popular employer in the country for the fifth year in a row.

Statoil was also voted the most attractive employer at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) in Bergen and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim (NTNU). This is the 13th year that the technology students put Statoil at the top of the list.

The survey among the students was carried out by the independent analyst Universum Communications. Conducted annually, the poll asks graduate students to choose their favourite place to work. A total of 3,500 students from 13 educational institutions were polled.

”The awards strengthen our position as an attractive employer in a market with growing competition for talents. This is great marketing of the group, which helps us attract the right employees also in the future,” says Jens R Jenssen, executive vice president for corporate human resources in Statoil.

He emphasises that targeted efforts are carried out in the group to enhance its image among the students.

”It is a great honour to receive this type of award, but we are at the same time humble. Such awards also involve commitments, and it is important to emphasise that this honours everyone in Statoil. This encourages us to retain our position, and to continue improving.”

The two former students Finn Erik Espegren and Inger Johanne Hinna took part in the award ceremony and confirmed that Statoil is an attractive employer. They had both voted for the company as students.

”It is very nice to confirm that you made the right choice. We are, and intend to remain, the most attractive employer in the talent market,” Mr Jenssen says.

The prizes were awarded in Oslo on 10 May.