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Why not? New Hydro profiling campaign

June 14, 2006, 10:00 CEST

Cruise the streets of Oslo this summer and you might see a strange sight - wind-up cars with www.hydro.com written all over them.

The vehicles is part of Hydro’s exciting new multi-media campaign that asks the question “Where do we get our energy in the future?”

“We are running a large-scale campaign through numerous media channels to better acquaint the public with Hydro and what we’re up to – especially within oil and energy,” says Bård Hammervold, head of marketing and web in Hydro.

The creative concept – developed by communications agency, DDB Oslo – revolves around wind-up toys and evolves from Hydro’s successful “Why not?” campaign late last year. The earlier campaign featured humorous TV ads and portrayed Hydro as an imaginative company with the courage to ask hard questions and use its expertise to find answers.

All wound up

The new wind-up campaign picks up where the last left off – and features both Norwegian TV and radio spots that pose the question “Why not?” They will be followed by four different newspaper ads in major Norwegian newspapers, as well as outdoor boards and an interactive web feature on hydro.com.

In addition to providing useful information about Hydro’s many energy activities, the web feature hosts a contest that asks participants the question “Where do you think we’ll get our energy from in the future?”

Five winners will be drawn from all those participating at the end of the month.

Full media advantage

“We taking full advantage of the different characteristics offered by the various medias used – web, print and TV/radio – and weaving them together to effectively communicate our messages,” says Hammervold.

“The question about energy in the future is fundamental. However, it’s equally important to convey the fact that in our lifetimes most of our energy will be based on oil and gas – and it’s thus crucial to find smart solutions for recovering as much as possible in the most effective and environmentally respectful way we can,” he adds.

Visit the campaign site and take part in our competition