New Heimdal power plant reduces CO2 emissions

June 29, 2006, 01:00 CEST

Hydro today awarded the new power plant contract for the Heimdal platform to Reinertsen AS. The new power-generating plant will reduce CO2 emissions from Heimdal by 25 per cent, and emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 15 per cent. The contract is worth NOK 300 million.

Hydro and its partners on the Heimdal field have decided to invest in a new power module, including a power-generating plant with heat recovery, at the Heimdal Gas Center. The new power module will bring significant environmental benefits and ensure a reliable power supply on Heimdal, which is an important junction for gas treatment and transportation from the Norwegian continental shelf.

Total CO2 emissions from Heimdal will be cut by some 25 percent, equivalent to roughly 50,000 tonnes, when the new power-generating plant comes on stream. NOx emissions will be reduced by approximately 15 percent.

Design, procurement, manufacture, connection and testing of the new module will take place in the period from 2006 until 2008. The contract has evolved out of Norsk Hydro’s framework agreement with Reinertsen AS for platform maintenance and modifications, which will now be extended as a result of the newly awarded contract.

Heimdal Gas Center processes gas from the Heimdal field, as well as from the Huldra, Vale, Skirne and Byggve fields. In addition, Heimdal receives treated gas from Oseberg Field Center, via the Oseberg Gas Transport (OGT) system. The gas from OGT – along with the gas from Huldra, Heimdal and Vale – is distributed between the Statpipe and Vesterled pipelines, through which it is transported to the European Continent and the UK respectively.

The Heimdal platform is also equipped to export gas for pressure support in connection with oil production on the Grane field.

All in all, the maximum amount of processed gas on Heimdal is equivalent to around 15-20 per cent of total Norwegian gas exports.