EU prize for Latvian traffic safety

December 1, 2006, 00:00 CET

Statoil Latvija is reaping EU recognition for its traffic safety improvement work in the country. The company has been awarded first prize in The Excellence in Road Safety Awards.

Baiba Rubess and Dace Lodzina, managing director and customer service manager in Statoil Latvija respectively, received the prize during an event in the EU capital, Brussels, on 29 November. Statoil came first in the category for large international companies.

Statoil Latvija has focused on traffic safety for more than 10 years. A principle goal has been to contribute to halving traffic accidents in the country which has had the highest traffic fatality rate per capita in the EU.

"The group has regarded the work to improve road safety as a social responsibility and we began with our own employees," says Ms Rubess. "Following this, we've focused on customers and run campaigns from our own stations."

"It's all about behaviour. We can punish bad behaviour, but also promote good behaviour through good examples and learning."

During the prize presentation, Ms Rubess talked about the group's focused work in HSE and the projects Statoil Latvija has involved itself with. Among these are the initiatives the company has taken to install child seat belts in cars, checking of headlights at Statoil-operated stations in the autumn and first-aid training for both employees and customers.

In total, Statoil Latvija has trained over 22,000 people and distributed 30,000 pamphlets on first aid. The group has also implemented campaigns in partnership with the education authorities and the department of roads.

"This is a big recognition of our work," says Ms Lodzina, who has been responsible for the traffic safety initiatives. "In Statoil Latvija we have worked with HSE in mind from day one after the group became established in Latvia."