Major contract to FMC for underwater installations

March 29, 2007, 16:15 CEST

Hydro has awarded a contract worth over NOK 1.2 billion to FMC Technologies for underwater installations to the Vega and Vega South fields in the North Sea.

The deliveries comprise six crosstrees and three manifold modules with associated protection frameworks and systems for control and well maintenance.

The underwater installations will be built at FMC’s facilities in Kongsberg in Norway and Dunfermline in Scotland. The main deliveries are planned for April 2009. The Hydro-operated Vega and Vega-South fields are due to start production in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The gas and condensate fields Vega and Vega South lie in 380 meters of water in the blocks 35/8 and 35/11 about 80 kilometers west of Florø in Sogn and Fjordane. The finds are distributed between the licenses PL 248 Vega (Vega North and Vega Central) and PL 090C Vega South. The plan for development and operation (PUD) was submitted to the authorities in December last year.

Recoverable reserves are estimated to be 18 billion standard cubic meters of gas and 26 million barrels of condensate. At peak production, seven million cubic meters of gas and 25,000 barrels of condensate will be produced per day.

Each of the discoveries will be developed with two wells. The six wells are to be drilled starting from three well templates on the seabed, one at each find. Each template will have well slots for up to four wells.

The well stream from Vega and Vega South will be fed through a common pipeline to the Statoil-operated Gjøa field, which will also process the well stream. The plan for development and operation of Gjøa was submitted to the authorities at the same time as the plan for Vega/Vega South.

A new gas pipeline from the Gjøa field is to be connected to the British FLAGS-pipeline. The Vega/Vega South gas will be transported through this pipeline to the reception facility in St. Fergus in Scotland. The condensate from Vega/Vega South will be exported via a new oil pipeline from Gjøa. This pipeline will be connected to Troll Oil Pipe II, which will transport the oil and condensate to the refinery at Mongstad.

Lisensees of PL 248 Vega

  • Hydro (operator) – 40 percent
  • Statoil – 20 percent
  • Petoro – 40 percent

Lisensees of PL 090C Vega South

  • Hydro (operator) – 25 percent
  • Revus – 25 percent
  • Statoil – 20 percent
  • Idemitsu – 15 percent
  • Gaz de France – 15 percent