Contract for Leirvik MT

April 17, 2007, 15:30 CEST

As operator, Statoil has awarded Leirvik Module Technology a contract to deliver new accommodation modules for the Troll A platform in the North Sea.

The engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract is worth about NOK 725 million.

Leirvik MT will build new accommodation modules measuring 5,300 square metres. The modules will be integrated with the existing living quarters on the Troll A platform. The "new" quarters will have 150 single cabins, recreational areas, administration centre, control room and other necessary facilities for running living quarters offshore.

"This expansion is a necessary step so that we will have a sufficient number of beds on Troll A in order to manage the extensions with more and new production equipment in the years ahead," says Geir Amland, operations vice president for Troll.

"We have a good collaboration with the employees and their organisations in this work."

The modules will be made of aluminium. Low load weight, no maintenance costs and environmental friendliness were key factors in Statoil's choice of material.
Planning and engineering will start immediately and pre-construction of aluminium will begin early this autumn.

The modules will be delivered in April 2009 after testing is completed. During the summer of that year they will be installed as two large modules by a heavy-lift carrier. Five smaller modules will be installed with the help of the platform crane once the two main modules are hooked up.

This contract is the largest in Leirvik MT's history. Managing director Harald Karlsson says that this means that the company currently has its highest-ever order reserve of NOK 1.7 billion for delivery over two years.