New discovery on the Halten Bank

April 14, 2008, 10:57 CEST
Natalia is located five kilometres north-west of the Midgard structure on the Åsgard field on the Halten Bank and adds to the many finds in this area.

Exploration activities in the area have so far this year given good results, such as the Natalia, Gamma and Marulk (partner-operated) finds.

Positive results in Gamma and Natalia are also important contributions in evaluating the potential of equivalent structures in the area.


"West Alpha" drilling rig (Photo: Moss Maritime)

Phasing in to Åsgard
In connection with the development of the Natalia prospect the possibility of tieing the gas volumes to the Åsgard field will be considered.

The exploration well was drilled to a total depth of 3040 metres below sea level and was completed in rocks of early jurassic age.

According to Birkeland, they had obtained seismic data before drilling which indicated hydrocarbons in this structure.

Data gathering
The well has not been formation tested, but comprehensive data collection and sampling have been carried out, including core drilling and fluid sampling.

Drilling on the Natalia prospect was carried out by the The West Alpha semi-submersible drilling rig. The well will be plugged and abandoned and the rig will continue to the StatoilHydro-operated licence 348 in the Norwegian Sea to drill a new exploration well.

The partners in exploration licence 263, where drilling of exploration well 6507/11-9 in the Natalia prospect has been completed, are: StatoilHydro ASA (operator) (70%), Bayerngas Norge AS (30%).