Green light to the Morvin Plan

April 25, 2008, 14:46 CEST

Morvin was discovered in 2001, and the Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) was submitted in February 2008. The plan was quickly processed, and was approved in the Council of State after about two months.

The oil field Morvin is a typical example of a middle-size project in the vicinity of existing infrastructure. The field is located in the Norwegian Sea, 15 kilometres north-west of Åsgard.

Subsea templates and tubings are planned to be installed this very summer, whereas first oil is scheduled for the late summer of 2010.

”Morvin is dependent on the existing infrastructure. Without this alternative, we would not have been able to develop the field,” says Knut Gjertsen, project manager for Morvin.

The Morvin development concept will include two subsea templates tied in to Åsgard B for processing through a 20-kilometre pipeline.

The Plan for Development and Operation includes investments of NOK 8.7 billlion (2007 value). In addition StatoilHydro is exploring the possibilities of a fourth production well at about NOK 1.2 billion (2007 value).

A production rate of about 27,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day is expected in the peak period, StatoilHydro’s share being 18,000 barrels.

Licensees: StatoilHydro (operator) (64 percent), Eni (30) and Total (6).

Facts about Morvin:

Oil field at a total depth of 4000 metres, twenty kilometres west of the Åsgard B platform at the Halten Bank in the Norwegian Sea

  • The development concept includes two subsea templates, initially with three wells. A fourth well is being planned.
  • Recoverable reserves are estimated at 70 million barrels of oil equivalent
  • The production period is estimated at 14 years, first oil being scheduled for 2010
  • The oil will be transported twenty kilometres by pipeline to Åsgård B for processing.