Helge Lund at UN summit

September 23, 2009, 18:37 CEST

CEO Helge Lund was in New York to prepare for the climate summit in Copenhagen on 7-18 December. (Photo: Chris Maluszynski)

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, has invited heads of state and industrialists from over 100 countries to discussions as a part of the process to establish a new, binding agreement on cuts in greenhouse gas emissions in Copenhagen on 7-18 December.

The objective of the meeting in New York was to lay the foundations for effective interaction between industry and commerce, civilian society and political authorities in the efforts to find global solutions to the climate question. Ban Ki-moon has been keen to bring industry and the private sector actively into the work to find a balanced and effective climate agreement.


Kjell Magne Bondevik, former prime minister of Norway, in conversation with Helge Lund. (Photo: Chris Maluszynski)

The UN's expert panel on climate and energy, in which Lund is the sole representative from the oil and gas industry, has submitted its recommendations to Ban Ki-moon in advance of the climate summit. These statements are intended as input and support to the dialogue between the world's heads of state and the further work towards the climate conference in Copenhagen.

During the UN summit, the climate challenge and the preparedness required for it was discussed in relation to central topics such as food safety, energy solutions, water security, sustainable business and commerce, financing and emergency preparedness. Helge Lund participated in the discussions on energy solutions.

Technology development and utilisation of the best possible technology for developing countries, public and private cooperation, and energy efficiency are keywords in the company's approach to the climate challenge.

"Industry will show that it is taking its part of the responsibility to reduce emissions, and that it is important to establish a global, predictable, and long-term framework for CO2 so that the solutions that are chosen are effective and implementable," said Lund.

CEO Helge Lund has been appointed member of the UN expert group for climate and energy. StatoilHydro is the only oil company represented in the group. The main responsibility of the group is to advise the UN secretary general om matters relating to energy that are key to the climate negotiations. The expert group consists of approximately 20 persons from different countries.