Continued high activity

November 6, 2009, 14:37 CET

Gunnar Myrebø, executive vice president for Projects and Procurements, wants to team up with the suppliers to tackle future challenges. (Photo: Eva Sleire)

This year’s meeting with suppliers attracted close to 200 representatives from the supplies industry. They were introduced to the company’s future plans and not least the new vision.

It was a rebranded company that welcomed the suppliers to the IB centre at Forus this Friday. With a new identity and vision in focus the executive vice president for Projects and Procurements, Gunnar Myrebøe, clearly stated that it is important to Statoil that the suppliers take part in meeting the challenges the company is facing. This applies both to its growth ambitions and development of new technology.

”Statoil’s vision is crossing energy frontiers,” said Myrebøe. “In order to succeed in our projects and our day-to-day operation we depend completely on you.”

He referred to the fact that the competition for oil and gas deposits is tightening while the energy demand is rising. On the other hand the greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to prevent further global warming.

”These aspects and the impact of the global economic crisis provide the parameter for our company’s activities,” said Myrebøe.

Projects of the future
The executive vice president drew the suppliers’ attention to four large projects that illustrate the width of Statoil’s portfolio: Snøhvit, the Sheringham Shoal offshore wind turbines, Peregrino and Statfjord late life:

“Our priorities will be to have access to resources, optimal execution, higher quality and contribute to a competitive supplies industry,” said Myrebøe.

Statoil’s purchases amounted to NOK 123 billion last year, and a total of 37 various projects were launched. Myrebø says that future projects will focus on areas such as:

  • improved oil recovery
  • better use of existing infrastructure
  • health, safety and the environment
  • alternative energy sources such as wind energy

Falling prices
Despite the economic crisis Statoil is maintaining its investment level. The figures of the first six months of 2009 show that purchases were 35% higher in 2007 and 2008. Anders Opedal, head of Statoil’s procurement cluster, said in his introduction that market prices are now dropping towards the 2006 level.

”The procurement functions of the whole industry have worked hard to cut costs and that has given good results,” he underlined.

Hunting for the best supplier
And in front of a packed IB centre Opedal submitted a clear invitation to the suppliers:

“The position as our preferred supplier is still open.”

There are currently no suppliers who provide consistent, high-quality deliveries to every project, according to Opedal.

”The supplier who is able to improve and provide the best deliveries every time will become our preferred supplier.”