Securing rig capacity

December 9, 2010, 09:06 CET

Semi submersible COSL Pioneer
(Photo: COSL Drilling Europe)

”We are pleased with the fact that this contract secures the necessary future capacity in the rig market. In 2011, the semi-submersible COSL Pioneer will contribute to maintaining a sustainable exploration activity on the Norwegian continental shelf,” says Tom Dreyer, Statoil’s senior vice president for exploration in Exploration & Production Norway.

The rig’s work programme is being considered by relevant licences on the NCS. Plans call for the semi-submersible rig to be used for both production and exploration drilling.

According to Vidar Birkeland, acting head of procurements in Statoil, this award will be part of a renewal of the ageing rig fleet on the NCS.

“We aim at a safer and more efficient rig fleet. With this contract Statoil secures an up-to-date light rig customised for the mid-water segment. Our strategy is to increase the diversity, competition and flexibility in the rig market. We are therefore also pleased to see new rig companies operating in Norway,” says Birkeland.

Statoil aims to maintain its present production level on the NCS for the next 10 years.

Enhanced recovery from existing fields, quick and efficient development of new fields and an active exploration programme are the key to achieving this goal.

To implement these measures, it is crucial that the necessary rig capacity is available.