High activity off Norway in 2010

December 14, 2010, 12:34 CET

The Vega subsea field in the North Sea was one of the new fields where production started in 2010. The field has been developed with three seabed templates, sending gas and condensate to the Gjøa platform.

Statoil’s strategy is to maximise the value on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS), and its goal is to maintain the current production level up to 2020.

“The activities during the past year are proof of both our will and ability to reach our targets. In 2010 we have matured and thereby transferred around 500 million barrels of oil equivalent from what we call potential resources to our reserve bank,” explains executive vice president for Exploration & Production Norway Øystein Michelsen.

Long list

Michelsen points to the three new fields Morvin, Gjøa and Vega which have come on stream this year.

Furthermore, the plan for development and operation (PDO) of the Gudrun field has been approved and the PDO for the Valemon field has been submitted to the authorities.


Øystein Michelsen, executive vice president for Exploration & Production Norway. (Photo: Helge Hansen)

“We have also made an investment decision for developing the north-west flank of the Njord field, Smørbukk North-East and Kristin low-pressure production,” says Michelsen.

“Last, but not least, we have made an important concept choice for the Åsgard field regarding improved recovery by use of subsea gas compression for the Mikkel field and the Midgard deposit.”

Standardised solutions for small finds

The trend on the NCS is smaller discoveries. Statoil is therefore developing standardised solutions that will lead to economies of scale and profitability in marginal field developments. The future is based on the fast track standardisation concept established for simple subsea developments.

“Smaller finds are tied back to existing infrastructure, and new technology leads to improved recovery,” says Michelsen.

“This will result in extended lifetime of several fields and profitability of smaller finds as well.”

Important decisions also in 2011

In 2011 Statoil will continue its high activity level. Concepts must be chosen for two exciting field developments, Dagny and Luva.

“During the next years we will focus even stronger on small and standardised developments and improved recovery on existing fields, which are closely connected,” says Michelsen.

“We will for example pursue our effort of developing the infrastructure on the Snorre and Sleipner areas, which we believe will provide large new volumes up to 2040.”

Highlights on the NCS in 2010

  • Production start on three new fields: Morvin in the Norwegian Sea, Gjøa and Vega in the North Sea.
  • Plan for development and operation (PDO) submitted for the Gudrun and Valemon fields in the North Sea.
  • Investment decision made for seven new developments.
  • Concepts chosen for improved recovery on the Åsgard and Kristin fields in the Norwegian Sea and the Troll field in the North Sea.
  • Fast track has been established as a standard for simple developments.

Some of the activities planned for 2011

  • Development of the Gudrun and Valemon fields.
  • Concepts to be chosen for the Dagny field in the North Sea and the Luva field (deep water) in the Norwegian Sea.
  • Investment decision to be made for the Åsgard subsea gas compression and the Troll compression projects.
  • Further studies of the possibilities on the Snorre field up to 2040.
  • Drilling campaign and further studies of the Snøhvit field will be carried out.