Follow-up meeting on Gullfaks with PSA

February 4, 2011, 17:46 CET

The Gullfaks C platform in the North Sea.

All North Sea wells are required to have two independent barriers to secure the integrity of the wells. As announced earlier, 20 Gullfaks wells are shut down as a precautionary measure where there is a suspicion of weakened integrity in the wells.
At the meeting, the PSA were given information about the status of these wells and Statoil’s further plans.

“The wells will now be examined in detail to evaluate their integrity,” says Gunnar Nakken, vice president for Gullfaks operations.

“If it turns out that there is a deficiency in the barriers, we will act on this and repair them. The alternative is a permanent shut-down of the wells.”

The pressure situation in the Shetland formation means that the well paths for relief wells are demanding. Statoil confirmed in the meeting that updated plans for relief wells exist.

“We’ve had a good meeting today and we will continue to inform on developments at Gullfaks with the PSA, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, partners, union reps and the safety delegate service, to ensure that our operation of the field is responsible and safe at all times,” concludes Nakken