Production and exploration rig chartered

February 10, 2011, 07:23 CET

The Transocean Leader drilling unit. (Photo: Harald Pettersen)

As operator of several licences Statoil has awarded a contract to Transocean for use of the semi-submersible Transocean Leader rig for drilling in Norway. Plans call for the rig to be used for production and exploration drilling on the Norwegian continental shelf during the contract period.

Jon Arnt Jacobsen, chief procurement officer in Statoil. (Photo: Trond Isaksen)

“We are pleased with securing Transocean Leader for a new contract period. Chartering this rig will also contribute to Statoil's deepwater capacity being able to operate on water depths down to 1500 meters”, says newly appointed chief procurement officer in Statoil, Jon Arnt Jacobsen.

The contract period is three years, starting in 2012, and includes a one-year option following the completion of the drilling programme.

“The key to uphold present production level on the Norwegian continental shelf towards 2020 is enhanced recovery from existing fields, quick and efficient development of new fields and an active exploration programme. To implement these measures, it is crucial that we secure necessary rig capacity”, says executive vice president for Development & Production Norway, Øystein Michelsen.

The Transocean Leader is a Aker H-4.2 self-propelled semi-submersible drilling unit capable of operating in harsh environments and water depths up to 4500 feet, built in 1987.

The drilling unit has previously been chartered by Statoil for use on the Statfjord satellites in the North Sea and it is currently under a three-year contract with Statoil in the same area.