Secures exploration rig for Norwegian continental shelf

July 11, 2011, 09:41 CEST

Gro Gunleiksrud Haatvedt, Statoil’s head of exploration on the NCS

Statoil has signed a new agreement with Songa Offshore relating to rig hire for use on its exploration prospects on the NCS.

The semi-submersible rig has been chartered for work on the Troll field until Q2 2012.

It will be deployed to drill new exploration wells from Q3 2012. The rig will be considered for operation on several licences.

“Access to rigs is vital in maintaining our exploration activity on the NCS, where we envisage great potential in both near field exploration and exploration in frontier areas. This rig will help Statoil fulfil its exploration ambitions,” says Gro Gunleiksrud Haatvedt, Statoil’s head of exploration on the NCS.


Jon Arnt Jacobsen, Statoil’s chief procurement officer

The daily rate for the rig is USD 355.000, with upgrade costs additional.

The contract is for a fixed three-year period, though Statoil has also secured two one-year options on the same conditions.

”The contract reflects a sustainable price level for this type of rig. We have built up a good relationship with Songa and are pleased to have secured Songa Trym as an exploration rig on the NCS for the next few years,” says Statoil’s chief procurement officer, Jon Arnt Jacobsen.

Songa Trym has been in use on Troll since 2005 and has helped realise planned drilling activities in the area. It is a conventional exploration rig that can drill to depths of 400 metres.