Meet us in Bergen!

October 5, 2011, 16:02 CEST

To solve tomorrow’s energy challenges we must first find the heroes of tomorrow. This is why the students in Bergen are important to us at Statoil. We are always recruiting the best and most qualified talents.

On October 12th you can meet us face to face, listen to our thoughts and get to know us a little better. Your career opportunities at one of the world’s most innovative companies and Norway’s most attractive employer will be clearer.

We offer exiting, useful and entertaining speeches by Øystein Michelsen, Executive Vice President, Development & Production Norway, Asbjørn Løve Vice President HR and the host Arne Hjeltnes. There will be debates and you have the chance to mingle and build connections with young and experienced Statoil representatives.

The first 350 students who enter the auditorium at 15:30 will get tickets to see Sivert Høyem at USF Verftet and you can win a trip to Hammerfest and the Snøhvit plant at Melkøya.

Free food and drinks will be served before and after the formal programme.

1400 - 1930 Bergen Studentsenteret    A BUSINESS FOR THE FUTURE
An exciting agenda: presentations, debate, mingling and tasty food.
1530  Bergen  Studentsenteret      The first 350 arriving get tickets for the evening’s Sivert Høyem concert and Datarock pre-party at USF Verftet.
1945  Bergen USF Verftet      Datarock pre-party and Sivert Høyem concert. Tickets distributed at 15.30 at the Student Centre.