Controlled emergency landing on platform

January 13, 2012, 07:57 CET
The incident happened when the helicopter alarm system alerted the pilots of loss of pressure in the left hydraulic system.

After the landing, the helicopter came into motion due to lack of braking power on the wheels, but it was gradually stabilised.

The passengers were evacuated through the emergency exit. None of the people on board were physically injured in connection with the incident. The affected have been taken care of and accommodated on Åsgard B.

Two technicians have arrived on the platform and are now examining the helicopter to make it ready for service.

Statoil’s emergency preparedness organisation on Åsgard B and onshore was mobilised in connection with the incident.

There were 19 passengers and a crew of two on board the helicopter, a

Eurocopter EC225, which is operated by CHC.
Both CHC and Statoil will implement separate investigations of the incident.