Heimdal gas leak investigation

May 29, 2012, 15:22 CEST

Heimdal Gas Center in the North Sea.

(Photo: Øyvind Hagen)

The gas leak occurred during the testing of emergency shutdown valves.

Due to shutdown for maintenance on parts of the Heimdal installation the installation was not on stream. However, there were still pressurised systems in areas not included in the turnaround.

The emergency response organisation was mobilised both on the platform and onshore, and standby vessels and helicopters were sent to the area.

There were 98 people on board the platform. No one was injured during the incident. The personnel on board mustered in lifeboats in accordance with the emergency instructions, but could return to their normal tasks in the afternoon.

Provisionally classified as Red 1 this serious incident is subject to internal investigation in Development and Production Norway (DPN).