Statoil keynote at CERAWeek 2015

April 22, 2015, 18:21 CEST

“Solving our industry’s challenge to lower costs and lower carbon is not something that one company can solve alone. It calls for more engagement as an industry. That engagement requires transparency about our performance and how we conduct business, ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders, and holding ourselves responsible for setting the standards to effectively influence our operating environment,” said CEO Eldar Sætre.

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Statoil’s CERAWeek presence

2015 marks Statoil’s third year in a strategic partnership with IHS to support the core CERAWeek mission – knowledge sharing, insight generation, and professional community.

In addition to Sætre’s presentation, this year the company had three additional executives in public speaking slots in the CERAWeek program: EVP DPNA Bill Maloney, EVP Exploration Tim Dodson and EVP GSB John Knight.

In conjunction with the conference, over 20 interviews with key reporters and trade media were conducted with various internal executives.

Following day two of the conference, an intimate, private reception was hosted by Statoil to network with key external stakeholders and distinguished influencers.