Statoil awarding insulation, scaffolding and surface treatment contract for Sture and Kollsnes

February 19, 2016 | Last modified January 12, 2017 07:18 CET
The Kollsnes plant
Kollsnes processing plant west of Bergen.

Statoil has awarded the contract for ISO (insulation, scaffolding and surface treatment) maintenance services at Sture and Kollnes to Prezioso Linjebygg AS. At Kollsnes the contract has been awarded on behalf of the operator Gassco.

The contract has a value of NOK 1.1 billion over the 10-year contract period.

Maintenance contracts for all of the company’s facilities are being reviewed and included in the ongoing ISO re-negotiation process.

Prezioso Linjebygg AS recently established a Bergen office in connection with another contract. Running for 10 years, the new contract will take effect immediately after signing.

The contract value is estimated at a total of NOK 1.1 billion. The contract will apply to the ISO disciplines, as well as rope access technique, rigging and other related tasks.

“This framework agreement with Prezioso Linjebygg for the delivery of ISO services at Sture and Kollsnes marks the start of a long-term partnership between the companies. We look forward to a good partnership, focusing on good HSE performance, increased efficiency and good quality within maintenance services,” says Olav Bådsvik, head of Sture and Kollsnes processing plants.

Olav Bådsvik
Olav Bådsvik, head of Sture and Kollsnes processing plants.

“We are now signing a long-term contract with Prezioso Linjebygg, and have expressed clear expectations for deliveries that ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations. The suppliers of the future are proactive, pursuing continuous improvement work, which builds competitiveness. At the same time, we must deliver world-class HSE performance, allowing us to pursue improvements,” Bådsvik concludes.

Good HSE performance and implementation capacity are the primary requirements to be met by all Statoil suppliers. In addition ability to deliver, improved efficiency, reduced administration and increased standardisation are elements that are emphasised. Summing up, this is about competitive deliveries and compliance with the contract.

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