All use of H225 helicopter suspended

June 2, 2016 | Last modified June 28, 2016 14:43 CEST

Based on the latest report from the Accident Investigation Board Norway, the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority has decided to suspend all use of H225.

This helicopter type has already been suspended from regular traffic following the tragic accident at Turøy on 29 April.

The restriction applies from 1 June and entails that all use of this helicopter for search, rescue and medical assignments (SAR) is suspended.

As the responsible party for preparedness in these areas, Statoil is obliged to ensure preparedness in compliance with applicable regulations.

Statoil uses H225 in its SAR emergency service from the Oseberg Field Centre, Statfjord B and at Sola. In these areas Statoil is mobilising the necessary resources to safeguard the emergency preparedness.

After the restriction was introduced we have mobilised one extra Sikorsky S92 at Sola and one at Flesland that are currently operational for any medical evacuation.