Exploration in the Great Australian Bight discontinued

We have decided to discontinue the plan for drilling following an holistic review of our exploration portfolio.

We put transparency and safety first, and we were the first company to publish a draft environment plan and invite public comment before submission to the regulator. We welcomed your engagement and held over 400 meetings. 

We spent years planning our operations in South Australia in the minutest detail and our EP was approved by the regulator in December 2019, confirming our ability to safely operate in the Bight. However, we have concluded that the project’s potential is not commercially competitive compared with other exploration opportunities in the company. 

Information about Equinor in Australia

Our Environment Plan.

Our approved EP is archived here, and on NOPSEMA’s website:

Our EP in brief 

A guide to our draft Environment Plan for the Stromlo-1 Exploration Drilling Program.

The full EP amounted to over 5000 pages and took more than two years to prepare, with extensive dialogue and engagement with stakeholders shaping its development. We prepared a brief guide to our EP, available for download below.

About the public comment period

We were the first company to make a draft Environment Plan available to the public voluntarily. We responded to relevant comments before submitting the EP to NOPSEMA. It was accepted in December 2019.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions

Here, we answer questions relating to our now discontinued project to explore the Great Australian Bight.

Licence EPP39 location

Thirteen exploration wells have been drilled in the Great Australian Bight by other companies. We planned to drill Stromlo-1 in licence area EPP 39, 372 km south of the closest southern coastline and 476 km west of Port Lincoln. This plan has been discontinued.

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