Support for the proposal

March 15, 2018 09:16 CET | Last modified March 19, 2018 07:33 CET

All of the seven main representatives of Statoil’s labour unions – Industri Energi, SAFE, NITO, Tekna and Lederne – support the proposal by the board of directors to the annual general meeting to change our name from Statoil to Equinor.

"It is important that Statoil remains prepared and competitive in a low carbon future."

"The company’s strategy and its development into a broad energy company are future-oriented . This makes it natural to adopt a name that better reflects all energy forms that the company will produce; oil, natural gas and renewables."

"We are proud of our Norwegian heritage, of the company’s history, and of Statoil’s ambition to be the leading and most carbon-efficient producer of oil and gas."

"At the same time, energy will in the future increasingly come from renewable sources, and we are already seeing how we can utilise our competence within the area of renewables."

"We are and will remain a values-based company and we are proud of our Norwegian origin. We therefore support the proposal by management and the board of directors that we as of 16 May will be called Equinor."

Per M. Labråthen (Industri Energi), Bjørn Asle Teige (SAFE), Stig Lægreid (NITO), Lars Olav Grøvik (Tekna) og Hallstein Tonning (Lederne)