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Simulator collaboration

January 21, 2000, 08:00 CET

A crane simulator is to be established at Norway's Ship Manoeuvring Simulator (SMS) in Trondheim through a collaboration deal with Statoil.

Designed to provide realistic training for crane drivers, deck workers and supply ship crew, this facility is due to be in place during the summer and ready to provide regular courses in the autumn.

Through SMS, which will be responsible for running the simultator, Statoil has awarded a contract to Hitec Vision of Stavanger for construction of the unit.

The group is committed to purchasing a certain number of courses over the next five years. Similar deals are being negotiated by SMS with other companies.

Long experience of simulator training has been built up by the Trondheim institution, and more than 3,500 people have participated in programmes at its premises since they were opened in 1979.

"Crane simulators have been installed in various places around the world, particularly in big ports," notes Statoil project manager Rune Botnevik. "And the US defence forces have a similar facility."

Statoil's involvement with the simulator forms part of its efforts in recent years to enhance the safety of offshore crane and lifting operations, long identified as a high-risk activity.

The Åsgard B organisation in the Norwegian Sea has adopted a new computer tool for learning and repetition of deck crane maintenance routines, for instance, which can be used by anyone who needs it.