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Jet fuel deal in Greenland

May 30, 2000, 10:00 CEST

A contract to supply jet fuel and other oil products to Greenland's largest airport, Kangerlussuaq, has been secured by Statoil.

Covering deliveries to airlines and the Greenland Airports Authority, this deal runs for seven years with options to extend it for a further five.

This will help to strengthen the group's market position in the island, reports Peter Dam-Hendriksen, manager of the aviation and marine products department in Marketing & Energy (M&E).

He adds that monopoly regulations in Greenland mean Statoil can only sell products in the area around Søndre Strømfjord, where Kangerlussuaq lies.

The group is due to deliver some 12,000 standard cubic metres of jet fuel and roughly 1,500 cubic metres of other oil products annually under the contract.

It has been the sole supplier of jet fuel at Kangerlussuaq since 1992, when the US Air Force left Greenland.

According to Mr Dam-Hendriksen, the contract also opens the way for deliveries to other interesting customers, such as the car test track being built by Volkswagen on the Greenland ice cap.