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Statfjord C in full swing

June 22, 2000, 10:00 CEST

Statfjord C is back on full stream today, 22 June, after the most extensive turnaround in the Statoil North Sea platform's history.

Work during the 15-day shutdown, which ended on 17 June, included pulling in a flowline from Sygna. That means the platform is ready to receive and process oil from this satellite.

A total of 60,000 hours were worked during the turnaround, with 565 people employed – including 225 commuting daily to and from the Polycrown flotel at Statfjord A. Normal staffing on the C platform is about 100 crew.

"I was a bit doubtful about attempting such a large scope of work in such a short time," admits platform manager Njål Sølvberg. "But we've exceeded every expectation.

"There have been no lost-time injuries, and the technical quality of the work done is exceedingly good."

Peak output from Statfjord C is currently about 250,000 barrels per day, with the Statfjord North and East satellites accounting for 138,000 of this figure.

At present prices, one day's production is worth about NOK 60 million.

Sygna is due to start producing from its first well on 1 August. When the second well comes on stream during the autumn, it will contribute about 40,000 barrels per day to Statfjord C's throughput.