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Best in Sweden

September 11, 2001, 15:00 CEST

In the recent Swedish market survey, Imagetoppen, Statoil came out as the best service station chain.

Statoil took eighth place overall, irrespective of business sector. In last year's survey the group was number six.

Imagetoppen is based on a poll carried out among managing directors and key personnel in 280 companies in 14 different types of business.

The level of service, quality, know-how, market communication, the environment, research and development are some of the criteria used to measure the performance of the companies, according to the Swedish newspaper, Dagens Industri.

The ranking shows that large industrial companies enjoy the respect of those who have participated in the survey. The industrial firms ABB and Nokia came out on top, followed by Volvo's lorry and private car division. The contractor firm Skanska was also high on the list.

Supermarket chain, ICA, has moved up from fourteenth to fifth place this year. ICA owns 50 per cent of Statoil Detaljhandel Skandinavia, which operates 1500 service stations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

In a similar survey last year, Statoil came out in sixth place overall.