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Communication reorganised

September 20, 2001, 09:00 CEST

All communication units in Statoil now come under one umbrella with a new management team. Corporate Communication is headed by executive vice president Elisabeth Berge.

The following five units will report to her: media relations, which will be led by vice president Wenche Skorge; government affairs, with special adviser Arild O Steine in charge; country analysis and social responsibility, headed by vice president Geir Westgaard; the CEO's office, led by special adviser Willy H Olsen; promotion and publications, headed by vice president Hans Aasmund Frisak.

For administrative purposes, the promotion and publications unit is organised in Corporate Services, but on professional matters will report to Corporate Communication.

Ms Berge says that the reorganisation aims to achieve a common rationale with regard to external and internal communication in the Statoil group.

“Increased focus on communication is a natural consequence of the new challenges we face as a listed company and also our growing international activities,” she affirms.