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Shut-down on Gullfaks A and B

October 31, 2001, 00:45 CET

Production on the Gullfaks A and B platforms in the North Sea will stop for about a week from 2 and 1 November respectively. The platforms are to undergo upgrading and maintenance.

According to Norvald Henjum in Gullfaks operations, the main job on Gullfaks A will be upgrading of the process security systems. In addition, the modification and maintenance work which is to be carried out requires that production is halted.

The shut-down will involve a stoppage in oil output from the Norsk Hydro-operated Vigdis and Visund fields. Plans call for about 10,500 hours' work on Gullfaks A during the shut-down.

Gullfaks B has to halt production due to its dependency on the A platform for processing. Maintenance and modification work which cannot be done while the platform is producing will also be carried out on the B platform.

About 4500 hours' work will be spent on Gullfaks B, but drilling operations will continue as normal on the B platform during the shut-down.

Both platforms will be back in production on Friday 9 November.

The next regular turnaround on Gullfaks A and B is planned for the autumn of 2002.