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Heimdal and Huldra back in action

January 24, 2002, 00:00 CET

The Hydro-operated Heimdal gas center resumed its production and processing of natural gas from the Huldra field Jan. 24, after a forced shut down due to control system problems on Jan. 21.

Gas transport through the Oseberg Gas Transport (OGT) and Vesterled systems resumed operation Jan. 23 and were expected to reach normal operational levels Thursday evening.

Normally, Heimdal receives between 10-13 million cubic meters of gas per day from the Oseberg Gas Transport system. It processes some 6-8 million cubic meters gas from Huldra and produces about 2 million cubic meters of gas from its own reservoir.

Heimdal consists of an integrated steel platform and a new riser platform. It is a hub for processing and distributing gas in the North Sea. The gas center, which receives gas from both the OGT and Huldra field, will export gas to the Grane oil field starting in 2003. Production from the satellite field Vale is set to start producing this summer.

Heimdal is tied into the existing gas transport system from the Frigg field to St. Fergus, Scotland via the Vesterled pipeline.