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Oil find near Norne

April 19, 2002, 16:00 CEST

An oil discovery has been made by Statoil in the Stær structure close to the group’s Norne field in the Norwegian Sea. The find could contribute to a unitised development of several reservoirs in the area. Its commerciality will now be assessed.

Stær lies about three kilometres north-east of the Norne production ship, and its oil quality is similar to that in the other field.

“This is particularly interesting because we’ve previously made discoveries in the Svale and Falk structures,” says exploration manager Roger Inge Johansen in the Halten/Nordland business cluster.

“Stær is accordingly very important for achieving a unitised development of finds in the Norne area.”

Exploration well 6608/10-8 in production licence 128 was drilled vertically from the Stena Don rig to a total measured depth of 2,660 metres, and terminated in early Jurassic rocks.

A sidetrack, 6608/10-8A, was also drilled 600 metres out from the vertical well to clarify the size of the field. This had a total measured depth of roughly 2,600 metres below the seabed.

Stena Don has also been chartered to drill a well in the Blåmeis structure east of Norne this summer.