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Contracts for well services

June 3, 2002, 14:00 CEST

Statoil has awarded Aker Maritime Well Services and Smedvig Brønntjenester contracts for drilling and well services. The contracts cover all of Statoil’s activities on the Norwegian continental shelf.

With an estimated value of NOK 100 million (Aker Maritime) and NOK 50 million (Smedvig), the contracts are for a three-year period with two-by-two year options.

“The work covers wireline well intervention and will be carried out mainly in connection with the maintenance of production wells and preparing new wells. Wireline operations will include running perforation guns, setting plugs, logging and the installation of downhole safety valves,” explains Lars Fredrik Gjeruldsen, contract coordinator in Statoil. He adds that the contracts also include an option to purchase well tractor services. A well tractor is an electrically operated tool that pulls equipment through in horizontal wells.

Aker Maritime will be responsible for the Tampen area and parts of Halten Nordland. Due to the increased field portfolio in Tampen following the operatorship takeover from Norsk Hydro at the end of the year, the value of the contracts will be higher from 2003.

For Smedvig Brønntjenester the contract covers the Sleipner/Troll area as well as the Åsgard, Kristin and Mikkel fields in Halten Nordland. In addition, Smedvig will be responsible for well interventions in all Statoil exploration wells on the Norwegian continental shelf, and outside Norway if this is considered appropriate.