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Call for far north collaboration with Russia

August 26, 2002, 12:00 CEST

Continued exploration and development in the Barents Sea is a Statoil goal, chief executive Olav Fjell emphasised at a press briefing in Stavanger today, 26 August.

Extensive three-dimensional seismic surveys are planned by the Norwegian oil company in these waters off northern Norway this year and next.

“We see growing activity on the Russian side of the Barents Sea, including oil shipments from fields on land and a desire to intensify offshore operations” Mr Fjell observed. All the major Russian companies have shown interest in a commitment of this kind.”

Mr Fjell accordingly believed that a good basis should exist for developing closer collaboration between Norway and Russia over energy resources in the far north.

“Russian president Vladimir Putin will be visiting Norway this autumn for talks with Norwegian political leaders. We would regard it as natural that energy in the far north was high up their agenda," said Mr Fjell.

“Russia and the USA are developing a close energy collaboration, which includes the development of Arctic resources. The basis for Norway and Russia to work together on such issues should be at least as good.”