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Reiten calls on youth at ONS

August 27, 2002, 01:00 CEST

"Youthful exhuberance is imperative to solving the future's energy demands," stressed Hydro president and CEO Eivind Reiten during a panel debate Tuesday at the 15th international Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) conference and exhibition in Stavanger.

The debate was prefaced by the film "Eyes for the future," produced by Hydro and Schlumberger Oil Services and featuring Hydro's 3D-visualization work in the CAVE. Part of a panel of top international oil industry leaders, Reiten expressed an optimistic attitude towards upping the emphasis on renewable energy.

"Increased use of renewable energy is attainable, but it's important to simultaneously take care of short-term energy needs. An important supposition is to have a more consequential energy policy among the world's countries," Reiten said. He ardently expressed the need for energy companies to improve co-operative relationships with government authorities.

A unanimous panel said it is vitally important to recruit young, enthusiastic people, and cultivate an international culture in companies to piece together the puzzle of future energy demand. To recruit the best, energy companies must demonstrate they are progressive and environmentally engaged, they claimed.

Reiten was asked how he intends to recruit young people to Hydro.

"There's quite a lot I'm tempted to say to my 17 year old son, but if I was to recruit him, I'd say we need your enthusiasm and your impatience. Future generations need energy and we don't have all the answers."

Happy with Hydro stand

Reiten was at Hydro's exhibition stand Tuesday morning when King Harald paid a visit. Reiten was pleased with what he saw.

"ONS is significant in two ways – as a meeting place for Norwegian and international partners and authorities, and as an opportunity to say what's presently most important to us," he remarked.

"The stand displays what we presently prioritize quite well. It conveys our emphasis on Ormen Lange, our leading technological role through the 3D visualization system CAVE and focus on hydrogen through the Utsira project."

Hydro's technological acuity unfortunately did not win this year's competition for the prestigious ONS Innovation Prize, which was awarded by Norway's Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik. This year's award went to Norske Shell for its focus on fuel cells to supply offshore platforms with electrical power without emissions into the natural environment.

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