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Dissociation from unethical behaviour

October 30, 2002, 16:00 CET

Statoil rejects the purchase of sexual services on business trips. Recent coverage in the Norwegian media paints a misleading picture of the group's position on this subject.

Statoil's value base makes it clear that respect for the individual must always be shown. Paying for sexual services is incompatible with this standpoint and is therefore totally unacceptable for Statoil personnel on business for the group.

"There is no conflict between Statoil's stance and the attitude of Laila Dåvøy, Norwegian minister for Children and Family Affairs," stresses Kjølv Eivind Egeland, senior vice president for human resources in Statoil.

"We expect our employees to represent the group properly and loyally on their travels and it is our experience that they do so," says Mr Egeland. "We have therefore not seen any need up to now to incorporate a direct ban in our ethical guidelines.

"Our values and attitudes are under constant discussion and development. As a result of the debate which has arisen about the purchasing of sexual services it is now natural that we look into whether we need to define our standpoint on this issue more closely."