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Soccer deal extended

November 6, 2002, 12:00 CET

A collaboration agreement with the Norwegian Football Association (NFF) has been extended by Statoil for a further three years until the end of 2005.

This deal means that the group will continue to be a member of the NFF’s Team Norway club of sponsors.

“We’ve supported Norwegian soccer for many years, and have a good partnership with the NFF,” says Oddvar Høie, marketing manager in Statoil’s promotion and publications department.

“An important part of this agreement is that we remain the principal sponsor for the national women’s team.”

Soccer is the fastest-growing women’s sport, both in Norway and internationally, and about 75,000 Norwegian women play the game today.

The collaboration with the NFF also allows Statoil to promote its brand at football grounds and through games broadcast nationwide on TV in Norway.

“We’re very pleased to continue this collaboration,” says Mr Høie. “It also strengthens the other sponsor deals we have in the sports area.

“These include handing out free shirts to youngsters involved in team sports as well as the partnership we recently established with Norwegian football star Ole Gunnar Solskjær.”

Statoil has collaborated with the NFF since 1993.