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Dry in Blåmeis

December 17, 2002, 08:00 CET

No hydrocarbons were encountered with an exploration well drilled by Statoil on the Blåmeis prospect in the Norne area of the Norwegian Sea.

“This well was drilled in a prospect with a large oil potential, but which was also regarded as high risk,” says Roger Inge Johansen, exploration manager for the area.

“So the result wasn’t very surprising. But we’re disappointed all the same.”

The 6608/11-3 wildcat was drilled in production licence 128, about 15 kilometres east of Statoil’s Norne field, with the aim of proving oil in Jurassic sandstones.

Drilling terminated at a depth of roughly 2,000 metres, in Triassic sediments.

PL 128 embraces blocks 6608/10 and 11, where earlier discoveries include Stær, Svale and Falk as well as Norne.

The well was drilled by Stena Don in 21 days – about a week faster than planned.

“This rig has once again done a very efficient job, and the operation was implemented without accidents to people or material assets,” says Mr Johansen.

The results of this well will have no impact on the future exploration programme in the Norne area.

Two new wildcats have been approved by the licensees. They will be on the Lerke and Gråspett prospects, and are due to be spudded in the first half of 2003.