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Shutdown on Åsgard B

January 20, 2003, 13:45 CET

Production had to be shut down on Statoil’s Åsgard B gas platform in the Norwegian Sea on 19 January because of damage to the flare system.

After the crew observed that the flare was burning abnormally, a helicopter inspection identified a leak in the flange at the upper end of the feed pipe to the pilot flame.

“This has resulted in abnormal heating of parts of the maintenance deck below the flare tip, about 100 metres above the main deck,” reports platform manager Rune Hansen.

“The leak has now been plugged and the position normalised, but we’ve decided to send up rope access technicians to inspect the damage and secure equipment which appears to have come loose.”

No full repair of the damage is likely to be attempted at this time of year, but permanent improvements could be carried out during the turnaround planned for September.

Weather conditions will determine when the inspection can be undertaken. Winds in the area are currently strong.

If everything goes as planned, Mr Hansen says, the platform could be back on stream in the second half of the week.

During the shutdown, Statoil’s gas customers will be receiving deliveries as specified within the flexible limits built into their contracts.

Åsgard B normally produces about 36 million cubic metres of export gas and 125,000 barrels of condensate per day.