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Surface treatment awards

February 26, 2003, 13:30 CET

Three new contracts worth a total of NOK 2.7 billion have been awarded by Statoil for surface treatment on its offshore installations and at the Kollsnes gas processing plant.

The Bergen-based Dalseide og Fløysand group will be responsible for work on platforms in the Tampen area of the North Sea.

A contract covering the Troll-Sleipner area further south as well as Kollsnes near Bergen has gone to Reinhold og Mahla Industrier (R&M Industrier) in Sandnes south of Stavanger.

This company is also assigned responsibility for installations in the Halten/Nordland area of the Norwegian Sea.

And its scope of work will later be extended to cover Statoil’s new Kvitebjørn and Kristin platforms in the North and Norwegian Seas respectively.

Each contract runs for five years, and include three optional two-year extensions. The overall value for the fixed period is about NOK 1.2 billion.

With the optional periods, the total value of NOK 2.7 billion breaks down about equally between the two contractors.

“The winners have documented very good health, safety and environmental standards,” says Torstein Røssland, discipline leader for surface treatment and polymers in Statoil.

“In addition, they both offer advanced technical capabilities.”

Painting and passive fire protection will be among the jobs done by the pair. Their contracts can also be applied to construction and modification projects.

The work will largely be carried out on fixed price terms.

“We’re concerned to ensure that these jobs are done safely, so we’ll be providing all the protective equipment required,” says Mr Røssland.

“Together with our contractors, we want to be a prime mover in developing appropriate protective gear for workers.”