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Visund gas job

June 4, 2003, 09:00 CEST

A contract worth NOK 40 million for the Visund gas project in the North Sea has been awarded by operator Statoil to Heerema Marine Contractors Nederland BV.

This job covers transport and lifting of the M01 gas compression module and the M02 gas export module onto the existing Visund platform.

The gas project aims to provide the field with the equipment and facilities required to export up to 15 million cubic metres of gas per day.

It will also help to ensure increased capacity for gas injection, allowing more oil to be recovered from the reservoir.

Maximum lift weights are 800 tonnes for M01 and 350 tonnes for M02. The two modules are due to be installed between 1 May-15 June 2005.

Visund is scheduled to start delivering gas from 1 October 2005 via the Troll gas processing facility at Kollsnes near Bergen.

Gas from Statoil’s Kvitebjørn project is also due to start flowing to Kollsnes on 1 October 2004, which will help to improve capacity utilisation at the plant.

Heavier components in the rich gas, such as propane, butanes and naphtha, will be stripped out and piped in the Vestprosess line to the Mongstad refinery further north for fractionation.

Visund lies in blocks 34/7 and 34/8 in the Tampen area of the northern North Sea, 120 kilometres west of Florø.

Located 27 kilometres north-east of Gullfaks, the field platform comprises a floating production, drilling and quarters unit.