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Duster on Gråspett

August 1, 2003, 10:00 CEST

A wildcat on Statoil’s Gråspett prospect in the Norwegian Sea has been completed without encountering signs of oil.

Drilled on behalf of production licence 128, covering blocks 6608/10 and 6608/11, the well lies 175 kilometres off northern Norway and three kilometres north-east of Statoil’s Norne field.

It was drilled in 374 metres of water to a total measured depth of 2,750 metres below sea level and terminated in Jurassic rocks. No hydrocarbons were found in the relevant sandstones.

Statoil has previously made discoveries in the Stær, Falk, Lerke and Svale structures in the same area, but none of these is large enough to support a stand-alone development.

“The Gråspett wildcat has played its part in clarifying the resource position around Stær and Svale,” explains section manager Roger Inge Johansen in the Halten/Nordland cluster.

“Failure to make a discovery with this well does not affect assessments of developing these finds and tying them back to the Norne production ship.”

In addition to Statoil, with 40.455 per cent, partners in PL 128 are Petoro with 24.545 per cent, Norsk Hydro 13.5 per cent, Norsk Agip 11.5 per cent and Shell/Enterprise 10 per cent.