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Hydro awards contracts for NOK 1.2 billion

September 19, 2003, 14:00 CEST

Frame agreements of a total value estimated at NOK 1.2 billion have been awarded to Baker Hughes Inteq and Halliburton.

Under these agreements, Baker Hughes Inteq and Halliburton will deliver services in connection with directional drilling, measurements during drilling, mud logging and drill bits for the North Sea drilling installations operated by Hydro for the next three years.

“These are key services that are essential for drilling the best possible wells in challenging reservoirs. Our operations depend on directional drilling, logging and measurement equipment that provides real time information on geology and the reservoir,” says Hydro’s president of Operations and Production Norway, Torgeir Kydland.

Hydro awarded the contracts after an overall assessment based on criteria such as health, safety and environment (HSE), and technical and commercial issues.

Baker Hughes Inteq has been awarded assignments on Grane, Oseberg B and the drilling rigs on the Troll field, and Halliburton has been awarded assignments on Brage, Oseberg C and Oseberg Øst.

The contracts also include three additional options for further collaboration, each of a duration of two years.