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Providing customers with power expertise

October 28, 2003, 09:00 CET

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, Hydro Energy will provide its customers with power expertise during the Energy Academy seminar in Oslo. The seminar will cover such topical subjects as the filling of magazines, the power situation in the Nordic market, CO2 trading and green certificates.

The energy seminar is arranged by Power Sourcing and Marketing in Hydro Energy. On Wednesday, 50 participants from 30 of the unit's largest customers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark will attend the first day of the seminar at Vækerø. Thursdays' programme will be held at the Soria Moria Centre for Sustainability.

"The Energy Academy is part of the service we offer our customers. The aim is to share our knowledge and expertise on relevant issues in the energy market. We want to provide a forum for discussion and promote good customer relations," says market manager Turid Siebenbrunner in Hydro Energy.

"After last year's seminar, we were given feedback that this arrangement shows that we take our customers seriously and that we want to share information and knowledge with them. It also gives us, in our role as supplier, interesting information about what our customers are interested in," says Siebenbrunner.

The speakers cover four main areas: the power market, the green market, risk and uncertainty in connection with portfolio management and the interesting subject – "Power crisis or crisis maximization?"

"In the light of the market situation last winter and the power cut in Copenhagen earlier this autumn, the question of what challenges and trends we can expect in the Nordic market in the near future is very interesting," says Siebenbruner.

One of the subjects would have been of great interest for private households if they had been allowed access to the seminar. The final session will look at how Nordic power producers will act this winter and how this can affect market developments.