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Football players with good job prospects

July 23, 2004, 14:15 CEST

The Brazilian football team Alunorte Rain Forest will take part in the Norway Cup in Oslo next week. In a few years it's likely that several of the players will be working in the alumina plant Alunorte, after taking part in the company's extensive social program.

The players from Barcarena are some of the 2,500 young people who have taken part in the social program run by Alunorte. They have since taken part in the alumina plant's football tournament and have been picked the team that is now in Oslo.

The social program was further expanded this year. The players and other participants in the program can apply for grants for training in preparation for work at Alunorte or the aluminium plant Albras.

Alunorte's social program is attracting increasing attention in Brazil. This year's football tournament at Ekebergsletta will make the social program known all over the country, as it is being covered by the popular TV program Fantastico.

Players with good prospects
"Several of the players on the team, who were also in Alunorte's first team in the Norway Cup four years ago, are now prospective employees at the alumina plant. It's probable that some of the football players in this year's Norway Cup will have a job either in the alumina plant Alunorte or the aluminium plant Albras in two or three years, after taking part in the social program," says Alunorte information manager César Vasconcelos.

  • Hydro has sponsored the participation of teams from Brazil and Jamaica in the Norway Cup since 1998

  • This year the teams Alunorte Rain Forest and Slovalco are receiving support

  • Slovalco takes part in the tournament for the first time, and this is also the first time a team from Slovakia participates

  • The first matches in the Norway Cup will be played on Sunday 25 July

  • Yara supports the team Atrevidos in the Norway Cup this year. This team also follows Hydro Aluminium's extensive social program during the tournament, under the management of the sports club Tyrving in Bærum
He explains that young people from 18 schools have attended lectures on health, safety and environment and social behavior. In order to qualify for the Norway Cup team, the players also have to demonstrate that they take their school work seriously.

The social program also includes various other projects for the local community in Barcarena. For example, support is given for the establishment of agricultural activities.

Alunorte is growing
Hydro owns 34 percent of the alumina plant Alunorte. Following a major expansion, the plant now produces 2.5 million tonnes of alumina each year. It will shortly undergo an additional expansion, which will make it the world's largest alumina plant. The expansion will be completed according to plan by the end of August 2006. The plant will then be recruiting new employees.

"Capacity will be increased to 4.3 million tonnes. This will make Alunorte the world's largest oxide plant. Hydro's stake in the investment amounts to around USD 200 million, and the total investment is budgeted at USD 600 million. The workforce will increase from 650 to 1050," comments Jon Arild Larsen, vice president in Hydro Aluminium. He is responsible Hydro's sponsorship of the Norway Cup teams and Hydro's involvement in the Alunorte project.

Larsen is pleased that Alunorte's social program and Hydro's sponsorship of the football team's participation in the Norway Cup can help these young people to find work.

"The program shows that this is a good way to get the local community involved. Focus on school work, good behavior and football trips to the Norway cup produce results.

"Several parents have reported that their children's behavior has changed since they started to take part in the program; it's wonderful if we can help promote a good local environment as well as helping to provide motivated employees for the alumina plant. We depend on local skills and need capable, well-behaved young people at the plant, which is growing so fast," says Larsen.