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New base contracts awarded

February 16, 2005, 08:50 CET

Contracts worth about NOK 2 billion in total, including options, have been awarded by Statoil for the operation of offshore bases along the Norwegian coast.

Running from 1 July 2005, these assignments last for four years and can be renewed three times for two years on each occasion.

Reading from south to north, the contracts have been awarded to Norsea, Coast Center Base, Saga Fjordbase, Fjordbase, Vestbase, Helgelandsbase and Polarbase.

These companies will provide services relating to terminal and warehouse operation as well as pipehandling.

“Sharper competition has allowed us to make big savings from the present contracts,” reports Frank W Arnesen, vice president for procurement and supply in the operations support unit.

“In addition, the new agreements set clear targets for achieving better results on health, safety and the environment by 2006.

“Safe and efficient base operation helps to extend the producing life of our fields, which in turn ensures long-term activity for bases along the coast.”

Norsea will deliver its services at the Dusavik base outside Stavanger, Coast Center Base outside Bergen, Saga Fjordbase and Fjordbase in Florø, Vestbase in Kristiansund, Helgelandsbase in Sandnessjøen and Polarbase in Hammerfest.